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Links...Member Sites

Mimi's Dollmaker's Paradise
                            Member Gloria Winer's website on dollmaking, with lots of info
                                     and articles on dollmaking of all types: cloth, paper clay,
                                     polymer, patterns for sale, and a gallery of Gloria's cloth dolls.

MotherXmas Boudoir Doll Salon
                            Member Pat Brill's website on Art Deco boudoir dolls, with lots
                                     of gorgeous images, scrapbook-style (according to Pat, "the
                                     inspiration for the website came from doing the club scrap
                                     book"!) , photos of Pat's and other collectors' dolls and articles
                                     on the history of these beauties.

Reverie Publishing
                            Member Krystyna Goddu's website offers books, DVD's and
                                     VHS tapes for sale on doll collecting, dollmaking and more.

Robert Tonner Doll Company
                            Member Robert Tonner's website offers all his latest creations
                                     as well as News, Exclusives and an Archive.

Effanbee Doll Company
                            Member Robert Tonner's sister website features Effanbee dolls,
                                     News, Exclusives and an Archive.

UFDC - United Federation of Doll Clubs
                            Our parent organization's website has info on clubs located
                                     worldwide, history, forum, doll album, a calendar of shows
                                     and events, contact info for Regional Directors, a shop, free
                                     patterns, seminars, info on the annual convention and more.

Links...Non-Member Sites

Jennifer Sue Dolls
                            Former member, Shuang Huang's website offers her unique                                      11.5 inch fashion doll, Jennifer Sue, as well as clothing and
                                     accessories designed by Shuang for 11.5 and 16 inch fashion
                                     dolls. She covers doll events and has a fashion and travel
                                     blog as well.

NIADA - National Institute of American Doll Artists
                            Some of our members belong to this organization which is
                                     dedicated to the art of the doll and one-of-a-kind doll artists.
                                     The website has contact info on members located worldwide,
                                     history, articles, annual convention and more. Some of our

                                     members who have been active in NIADA have included:
                                     Robert Tonner and Bob McKinley as artists and Barbara
                                     Steiker as patron.

Tom Tierney Paper Dolls
                            Featured Guest Speaker at our 70th Anniversary Luncheon,
                                     Tom's paper dolls are legendary. Attendees received a hand
                                     signed paper doll book produced by Tom and his niece Kathy

                                     entitled, "Shirley Temple, Hollywood's Little Prima Donna".
                                     To learn more about his illustrious career, visit his website .


American Girl Place
                            Former Member and 2007-2010 President Irene Hesse
                                     worked here! This New York City destination has three
                                     floors of shopping fun for fans of 18" American Girl dolls
                                     and friends as well as a cafe. To see their latest offerings,
                                     visit their website , or stop by in person.

FAO Schwarz
                            Another New York City favorite that's been in New York since
                                     1870 and is the oldest toy store in the U.S.! With loads of toys
                                     and dolls and a cafe, there's something for everyone. To see
                                     their latest offerings or for more info, visit their website .

Madame Alexander Doll Company
                            See what this legendary doll company that's located right
                                     here in New York City has to offer on their website from their
                                     latest product lines to current News and a handy calendar of
                                     events and other info. Their showroom is chock full of dolls and
                                     includes a doll museum for visitors to enjoy.

Toy Tokyo
                            If you love anime, cartoon characters, old robots, Blythe and
                                     Goth dolls, this store located in New York City is for you! It is
                                     small, but packed to the brim with Asian toys that span from
                                     cute to ugly. For more info and to see what they offer, visit
                                     their website .


Antique Doll Collector
                            Monthly (12 issues per year). Articles on vintage and antique
                                     dolls with lots of pictures of these beauties from articles and
                                     dealer ads . Visit their website .

Art Doll Quarterly
                            Quarterly. Member Gloria Winer's works have been featured
                                     in this high end magazine about art dolls in all media from
                                     Stampington & Company. To learn more, visit their website .

Barbie Collector
                            Quarterly. Fairly new publication from Jones Publishing, Inc.
                                     on all things Barbie. This magazine replaced Barbie Bazaar                                      Magazine in 2007. Unfortunately Barbie Collector has met                                      the fate of other doll magazines and folded with its fourth and                                      last issue, Spring 2008.

Contemporary Doll Collector
                            Bi-monthly (6 issues per year). Modern contemporary dolls of
                                     all kinds and related events are covered, including artist dolls
                                     from Scott Publications. For more info, visit their website .

Doll Castle News
                            Bi-monthly (6 issues per year). Homespun feel maintains the
                                     the origins of this family magazine with B&W articles on doll
                                     collecting, crafts, history, shows, recipes and more.
                                     Promotional subscription is available through our doll club.
                                     Visit their website to learn more.

Doll Crafter & Costuming
                            Monthly (12 issues per year). How-to's for doll makers and
                                     costumers. The former Doll Crafter magazine has been
                                     combined with the former Doll Costuming magazine by Jones
                                     Publishing, Inc. This is another Jones publication which ended                                      its run with the October 2010 issue.

Doll News - UFDC, United Federation of Doll Clubs
                            Quarterly. The official magazine that is received with
                                     membership in our club covers antique and modern dolls,
                                     club programs, shows and special events, articles on
                                     collecting, preserving and more! Visit their website .

Doll Reader
                            9 issues per year. One of the longest standing doll
                                     publications, Doll Reader is currently published by Madavor
                                     Media and covers dolls of all kinds: antique, vintage and
                                     modern, as well as events, auctions, collecting, history, latest
                                     products, collecting tips and more. Visit their website.

                            10 issues per year. Member Krystyna Goddu is a former editor
                                     and continues to write articles for this Jones Publishing
                                     magazine that focuses on collecting modern, antique and
                                     vintage dolls, doll events, auctions, and industry news. For
                                     more info, visit their website .

FDQ - Fashion Doll Quarterly
                            Quarterly. Owner Pat Henry teaches where our club met for                                      over 20 years, at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).
                                     Focus is on contemporary and vintage fashion dolls with
                                     articles on history, collecting, events and new products.
                                     Visit their website .

Haute Doll
                            Bi-monthly (6 issues per year). Focuses on fashion dolls and
                                     BJD's with articles on history, collecting, events, new products
                                     and how-to's. The former Barbie Bazaar magazine has been
                                     incorporated into this publication. Our January 2008 Guest
                                     Speaker, Michael Williams, is a photojournalist for Haute Doll.
                                     Their cover almost always features a magazine exclusive doll
                                     or outfit. The original Haute Doll Magazine's last official                                      publication was the July/August 2010 issue before Doll                                      Reader Magazine took it over. It has now been combined with                                      Doll Reader. For more info, visit the Doll Reader website .

International Doll Artist
                            Quarterly. The Premiere Issue Spring 2011 was launched in                                      April of the same year. The publication is  created by doll                                      artists for doll artists with doll collectors in mind to promote                                      the passion and common bond in an effort to unite all doll                                      enthusiasts around the world. Karen Martinez, the Publisher                                      and Joyce Murch, the Editor are UFDC Members and teach                                      classes in porcelain doll artistry and reproduction. Joyce also                                      teaches porcelain doll restoration. Althought the focus appears                                      to be on Antique repros, contemporary original doll art in                                      other media seem to be featured as well. Visit their website .

Lifelike Dolls
                            Bi-monthly (6 issues per year). This Canadian publication                                      covers OOAK sculpts, Reborns and BJD dolls, including                                      Tutorials and Special Edition issues and Books. Their premiere                                      issue was April 2008. Visit their website .

Paper Doll Studio - OPDAG, Original Paper Doll Artists Guild
                            Quarterly. Focuses on paper dolls with contemporary artwork
                                     and inspirations from the past by members of OPDAG for
                                     collectors and artists. Subscription is included with yearly
                                     membership to OPDAG or available separately. For more info,
                                     visit their website .

Soft Dolls & Animals
                            Bi-monthly (6 issues per year). Cloth doll and animal making
                                     how-to's from Scott Publications. For more info, visit their
                                     website .


Vogue Doll Company
                            In business since 1922, Ginny continues to appeal. Our 70th
                                     Anniversary Souvenir doll was a "Little Miss 1930's" Ginny.
                                     To learn more about this company's history and products,
                                     visit their website .


Museum of the City of New York
                            A museum on 103rd Street and 5th Avenue dedicated to
                                     exploring and celebrating New York City's past, present and
                                     future. Their toy collection consists of over 10,000 pieces
                                     enjoyed by New Yorkers since Colonial days. A selection is

                                     on display permanently. For more info, visit their website .

...Recent Charities We've Supported

AHRC - Association to Help Retarded Children
                            Located in NYC, we have employed their members to assist
                                     with stuffing Goody Bags for our 70th Anniversary Luncheon
                                     and support the services they provide for mentally retarded
                                     children. To learn more, visit their website .

Starlight Children's Foundation - NY, NJ, CT
                            The main recipient of our 70th Anniversary Luncheon, this
                                     national organization has a local NYC branch through which
                                     our club was able to provide a Fun Cart for Mt. Sinai Hospital
                                     to keep children entertained while undergoing hospital
                                     stays and procedures. Our 2007 Holiday Party auctions will
                                     benefit Starlight. To learn more, visit their website .

Women In Need
                            Serving women in shelters and their children, it has become a
                                     tradition for our club to collect unwrapped toys at our annual
                                     Holiday Party in December to give to needy children in NYC.
                                     To learn more, visit their website .

Links...Other Doll Clubs & Organizations

UFDC, United Federation of Doll Clubs
                            Parent organization under which our doll club is organized.
                                     Visit .

VAMP Doll Club
                            For fans of fashion dolls, primarily 11.5 inch (Barbie, Fashion
                                     Royalty). Used to meet monthly on a Monday night as per
                                     2008 schedule at St. Vincent's Cafeteria in NYC on the 1st                                      Floor (this long-lived hospital is being converted into private                                      housing). They now meet mostly on 23rd Street in midtown                                      Manhattan. To learn more, visit their website.

We support UFDC's Credo... "Preserving Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow "

Our Vision is to be the primary source for information and service for doll lovers everywhere; to preserve the past for the future.

Our Belief is that we must offer encouragement for all aspects of doll related collecting and creativity. We believe in an organization of lasting merit.

Our Purpose is to become foremost in research, conservation, education, collecting and appreciation of all types of dolls.

Our Mission is to expand our services of education, research and enjoyment.


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