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Are you interested in DOLLS?
We are looking for members who would like to actively participate in a New York City based doll club.

National has a long and proud history. Established in 1937, our founder Mary E. Lewis dreamed of organizing doll collectors from around the world to share their love and interest in DOLLS. As we enter the 21st century, Mary's dream lives on today.
Join the dream.

To visit us and become a member, click here.

New York is the largest city in the world. With some of the finest collections in the world. Can you imagine how many doll collectors must live among us? Don't be a lone collector! Come share your knowledge and love of dolls and toys with others. Come see what others are collecting. Help us help others, and have fun in the process!

We are a New York City based non-profit doll club organized expressly for charitable and educational purposes related to doll collecting.

The club that started it all...

The National Doll and Toy Collectors Club was founded by Mary E. Lewis in 1937, because she was convinced that somewhere in this big city of New York, there had to be other people who loved and collected dolls too. So, Mary decided to appear on a local radio show hosted by Mary Margaret McBride, requesting any doll collector listening to meet her in the Hotel Pennsylvania. Eight women responded, and the National Doll and Toy Collectors Club was born. As the club grew, Mary organized satellite clubs nationwide, which eventually led to the formation of the United Federation of Doll Clubs , better known as UFDC . The rest is history!

We support UFDC's Credo... "Preserving Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow "

Our Vision is to be the primary source for information and service for doll lovers everywhere; to preserve the past for the future.

Our Belief is that we must offer encouragement for all aspects of doll related collecting and creativity. We believe in an organization of lasting merit.

Our Purpose is to become foremost in research, conservation, education, collecting and appreciation of all types of dolls.

Our Mission is to expand our services of education, research and enjoyment.